The video is now on YouTube !!!

29. března 2009 v 3:58 | Terenthy
Hello, finally the day D is here. Terence's 70th birthday ! We all wish you all the best !!!



Terenthy 8)

Thank you very much !!!

27. března 2009 v 1:58
Hello everybody thanky you very much for beautiful, amazing and creative post card from you !!!

Please be patient I will make the video like I said ;)

I will inform you in the right time... :)

Have a nice day and thank you very much !!!! You and especially everybody who helped me

Your Terenthy

The HAPPYTERENCE Project….Terence´s 70th Birthday

16. ledna 2009 v 23:53 | Terenthy
The HAPPYTERENCE Project….Terence´s 70th Birthday

On the March 29, 2009 Terence Hill will celebrate his 70th birthday. So I think that he deserves a special congratulation. I call this project HAPPYTERENCE. What is it about? Every hard-core fan of Terence Hill will make a birthday card for him. There is only one condition, the card must be handmade. This means that you can use whatever you want except for computer programs like Photoshop. Then you will take o picture of your card and mail it to together with your name or nickname and the city and state of your origin. At the end I will make a slideshow of all the photos/birthday cards with the names of their authors, I will add some typical Terence Hill´s movie music and I will put it on YouTube. And after that I will notify all possible official web pages of Terence Hill and important people to get our congratulation slideshow to Terence.

The Rules in more detail:

1.) It has to be a photo, no photomontage, no computer added text, no artificial changes. The handmade card is better because you put your heart into it

2.) The picture should be taken outside, at some interesting place, but if you find a really original place at your home, exception can be made

3.) Do not forget high resolution of the photo, high quality will be better

4.) Try to write your message to Terence in English, German or Italian, so he can understand it

5.) Please keep the message readable

6.) Please do respect the rule that the congratulation card should be handmade (examples follow below)

7.) One person = one photo only

8.) You can be a part of the picture to make it more personal but you do not have to. It depends on you

9.) Do not forget to write your name or nickname and the city and state of your origin into the email, if you put it into the subject, too, it will be great.

10.) Try to be original and creative… imagination has no limits

11.) Do not destroy the environment and other´s people propriety
when making the picture

12.) Mail it to:

13.) The deadline is March 26, 2009 to 6 p.m. because it has to be done before Terence´s birthday… the sooner the better

Examples follow but those are only examples!!! I am sure we can do better J

Thank you very much for your participation, I am sure Terence will be glad to see all his fans united on the occasion of his birthday.

Have a nice day and I am looking forward to your congratulation cards!

Terenthy 8) ( my czech blog: )
Czech Republic

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